Odd One Out

Radio RYE

You are to make your own radio show. 

Please go to Radio RYE to see more.



  1. Anne Sofie, Sandra, Rebecca, Kirstine, Marie 
  2. Signe, Sebrina, Miranda, Mille, Katharina
  3. Anna M, Anne Jul, Cecilie R, Laura M, Amalie
  4. Ida, Clara M, Clara A, Emma, Dagmar
  5. Naja, Mette, Pernille, Laura N, Marie L
  6. Rasmus J, Gustav, Anders, Andreas A, Magnus
  7. Aske, Nicolai H, Marcus, Jacob L, Johan, Jonas
  8. Nicolai G, Jon, Mikkel M
  9. Johannes, Andreas B, Mathias H



Thursday evening, Nov 3:

Please send a mail with a short  description of the 2-5 items in your show, and who does what. 



You must be well prepared for your part(s) in the radio show and ready to record before week 48. That means you have to rehearse your own part(s) and the lines you must say before meeting on class for week 48.  


Hand in your radio shows (usb to Line) or send it.  

BOYS: Wednesday evening at 20.00 (week 48), Nov 30

GIRLS: Friday at 12.00 (week 48), Dec 2